Hemostatic Forceps are used in many surgical procedures and surgeries to control the bleeding.

It’s used in multiple procedures as a hemostat for small blood vessels.

And it has some other variation is called toothed variation. The toothed variation is available for grasping delicate tissue in skin grafting, biopsies, or ophthalmologic procedures.

The Other name of this forcep is called Ring forcep. Because It looks like a scissor.

But hemostatic forceps have a locking mechanism called a ratchet with Ring, which is used for clamping.

Locking hemostatic forceps may be called clamps and are used to securely hold tissue. When they are used to control blood flow, they are called hemostats. Known for their fine tips, and short, fully serrated jaws. Available curved or straight.

Hemostat forceps belong to a group of instruments.

Pean Forcep

Kelly Forcep

Crile Forcep

Allis tissue Forcep

Kocher Forcep

Mosquito Forcep

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